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AGO Financial Services, LLC is an independent consulting firm providing buy-side clients out-sourced execution and risk management services, bespoke software and innovative solutions and advice through four subsidiaries.

Each company offers customized products, designed by a deep bench of AGO professionals with broad experience from buy-side and sell-side firms.

AGO works as a trusted advisor to transparently resolve common and complex issues for clients navigating global financial markets.

Our Companies   



AGO Financial Services

AGO Trading

Acting as agents, we do more than save on execution fees. Clients are empowered to lower operating costs, reduce market and operational risks, and avoid unnecessary slippages or lost performance.

We help resolve inherent client vulnerabilities which include agency problems, incomplete oversight, and lack of transparency.

Combining technology, regime expertise, and practitioners’ insights delivered in a bespoke fashion, we offer clients the ability to go beyond “best practices” to gain real advantages over peers.

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AGO Financial Services

AGO FinTech

Services and products are offered to medium-sized financial institutions which help them achieve higher efficiencies through greater transparency, tighter risk controls, and ease-of-use software.

Products enhance generic and overly complicated trading, portfolio and risk management systems.

We elevate the efficacy of clients’ management decisions with more thorough, accurate analysis, increasing confidence in projected outcomes.

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AGO Financial Services

AGO Advisory

Asset managers and treasurers seeking to improve efficiency and performance benefit from our deep and broad expertise focused on taking advantage of each client’s unique infrastructure.

We do not make market calls but assist clients in maximizing results from their non-core business activities, assets, and market risks.

Example, treasury operations can increase revenues earned on sitting foreign cash balances without taking currency risks using our innovative CPO program.

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AGO Financial Services

AGO Asset Management

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The Team

Alex Sarafian

Chief Technology Officer

Alice Griffin


Alan Romney

Special Advisor

Paul Brandley


Arie Adler


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

- Warren Buffett

About Us

AGO Financial Services, LLC (“AGO”) seeks to provide real and unique value to clients.

Established in 2017, manned by successful, seasoned, former executives armed with a repertoire of innovative solutions, AGO is expanding into multiple areas to fulfill the needs of clients not being serviced holistically in the congested industry of financial services.

What differentiates AGO?

  • Real experience in the driver’s seat
  • Prior to AGO, our advisors have been responsible for managing assets, capital, financial risk, and operations at prominent firms while under varying constraints at different types of institutions – investment and commercial banks, multi-national corporations, and asset management firms.
  • Confidence in success
  • With few exceptions, AGO’s fee-structures are based primarily on success and outcomes, ensuring clients receive significantly more value than costs.
  • Uncommon domain expertise
  • AGO strives to uncover incremental value missed by others and has patents pending for innovative solutions designed for clients ranging from Fortune 500 treasuries, insurance companies, and asset management firms to large international banks (from buy-side to sell-side).

As a small firm providing large company services, AGO always puts the client first, nurtures each relationship, and improves outcomes for each client.

Discover why sophisticated institutions consider AGO their trusted solutions partner.


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